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Mux is the developer video platform that takes the complexity out of live and on-demand video. Thousands of publishers including Robinhood, PBS, Paramount, Equinox+, and VSCO rely on Mux to deliver the highest quality video experience without having to hire a team of embedded video experts.

The Mux destination will initialize the transfer of assets from Shotstack to your Mux account so there is no need to trigger the download via the Mux API.


Sign up to Mux if you do not already have an account. Generate or look up your credentials in the Mux dashboard and enter them in to the Shotstack dashboard.

Mux allows you to create multiple environments including test environments. You should create a test environment and a production environment and match them to the Shotstack sandbox and v1 (production) environments.

Adding credentials

Login to the dashboard and navigate to the integrations page, find the Mux destination and click configure.

Enter your token id and token secret as shown below. You can add different credentials for each Shotstack environment; sandbox and v1 (production).

Mux credentials


Basic integration

To send video files to Mux add the following to the output parameter of the render request JSON payload or JSON template:

"destinations": [{
"provider": "mux"

This will tell Mux to start downloading the rendered video files from Shotstack for encoding and hosting. Note that images, previews and thumbnails will not be sent to Mux as they are not supported.


Mux pulls the files from Shotstack, we do not keep track of when the videos are ready in Mux or if there are errors, you will still need to check your Mux account, API or subscribe to Mux webhooks to know when the transfer has completed.

Mux options

You can pass additional options in the destination configuration to control how Mux processes the video.

The playbackPolicy option is currently supported which allows you to create a video that is signed (private), public, or both. The default is public. Set it like this:

"destinations": [{
"provider": "mux",
"options": {
"playbackPolicy": [

Opting out from the Shotstack destination

By default all generated files are sent to the Shotstack destination. If you are using Mux you may wish to opt out from hosting your videos with Shotstack using:

"destinations": [{
"provider": "mux"
}, {
"provider": "shotstack",
"exclude": true

This will send a generated video to Mux but not to Shotstack.