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Creating Assets using Generative AI

Using the Create API you can generate assets using generative AI. Assets can be created using a collection of built-in services or using third party providers.

Built-in Services

Shotstack provides the following built-in Generative AI services:

The Shotstack built-in services are available to all users and do not require any additional setup.

Third Party Providers

The following third party providers are also available:

  • ElevenLabs: Convert text to speech using the ElevenLabs platform.
  • HeyGen: Generate avatars using the HeyGen platform.
  • D-ID: Generate avatar videos using the D-ID platform.
  • Stability AI: Generate avatar videos using Stable Diffusion.

Third party providers require you to set up your own account with each provider and add your credentials for each API via the Shotstack dashboard.