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Hosting and Serving Source Files and Renditions

Files uploaded and ingested via the Ingest API are stored in S3 buckets in the AWS Sydney region. The primary use case for these files is to be used in your edits or to be downloaded to your own server post processing. The storage location is not suited for serving files directly to your users or in your own application.

You might need to serve files directly to users, for example, your application might have a file chooser or gallery where users can select a file to include in their edit. In this case, it would be better if your files were served from a CDN or a third party storage or hosting service.

Shotstack provides the Serve API and a a feature called Destinations. Destinations are integrations and third party partners who you can use to host your assets. It includes a Shotstack hosting and CDN service that is provided by default to all customers. There are also integrations to send files to a regional S3 bucket or the video hosting platform; Mux.

For more details on the Serve API and Destinations see the Serving Assets documentation.