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Create a Christmas personalised video using the Shotstack API

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About this Christmas personalised video demo

A little bit of fun for Christmas. This demo shows you how you can create a simple personalised video experience for your users or customers and promote your brand, organisation or business at the same time.

A Christmas background video is overlayed with the recipients name, the senders name and a personalised message. When the form is submitted it takes about 20 seconds to render via the Shotstack cloud video editing API. The final video can then be downloaded and shared.

You can checkout this reference project, for free, from GitHub and modify it to your needs. For example you can replace with your own background video, logo and font. You could create a hosted page to display the final video which the user can share. You could also use the source code as a starting point to build out an application that send thousands of personalised videos to your customer database automatically instead of using a form.

Unbranded background video is free to download and use under a public domain CC0 license.

Soundtrack licensed under CC BY-SA 3. Christmas Is Coming by MaxKoMusic available from Free Stock Music