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Use text-to-speech to add hyper-realistic voice overs to your videos, in over 30 languages, or use text-to-avatar to add an extra touch of personalisation.

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Be at the forefront of the AI video revolution.

Shotstack allows you to create thousands of bespoke, data-driven videos in minutes. We've incorporated some of the world's most advanced AI models so you can create even more compelling videos, at scale.

Automatically translate and localise your content by adding voice-overs in over 30 languages. Reduce costs and save time with unlimited* text-to-speech functionality on any of Shotstack's paid plans.

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video editing AI infrastructure as code
It would have taken a lot of research on what technologies we needed to leverage technically for us to achieve the desired outcome. This would have taken at least two months of engineering time for a simple use case, and up to 6 months if the scope widened. Hector Zarate, Spotify

You could spend thousands of hours developing your own video editing capabilities, increasing time to market and costing money.

Hyper-realistic AI Voice Overs

Text to Speech

Automatically add a voice over or narration to your video with text-to-speech. Simply add your script and the technology will do the rest. And the best bit? It's available in over 30 languages. So you can take one generic video and automatically version it for multiple languages at the same time.

Text to speech API

Personalised AI Presenters

Text to Avatar

Give your videos an additional layer of personalisation by automatically adding avatars at scale. The Create API has integrations in place with D-ID and HeyGen, so you can use your API keys to bring your existing avatars to the videos you are building with Shotstack.

Text to avatar API

Creativity Unleashed

Text to Image

Generate images from text using the power of AI. The Create text to image API allows you to generate images from a text prompt. Use the latest Stable Diffusion models from Stability AI and customise the output to your needs.

Text to image API

GPT-4 Text Generation

Text to Text

Using the latest GPT-4 model from OpenAI, the Create API allows you to generate text from a text prompt. Perfect your script, summarise news and content, or create persuasive and engaging copy for your videos.

AI Text generation API

Bring Everything Together

Text to Video

Bring it all together by combining AI generated voice overs, avatar videos, images and text in to a video using the power of the Create API.

Create videos using a text to video API


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