Fast Track Amazing Video Experiences

Create amazing video centric applications and video experiences for your users and customers.

For Developers

  • Eliminate the need to build and maintain infrastructure
  • Accelerate development with a fast learning curve
  • Familiar REST/JSON protocols make integration easy.

Whether you are an indie hacker or a part of a large corporate engineering team, Shotstack has been built by developers, for developers.

Building video applications is hard; avoid the bottlenecks involved in learning FFmpeg or building a scalable rendering cluster.

Focus on delivering an awesome video experience to your end users in the shortest time possible and with pricing that scales as your application grows.

For Startups

  • Build prototypes and MVP's in record time
  • Go to market faster
  • Avoid upfront investment in infrastructure and development.

Take video centric applications to market faster by eliminating the engineering and maintenance overheads.

Deliver an MVP to your customers in days instead of months and iterate quickly to product market fit without having to burn cash building your own platform.

Reduce upfront investment with pay as you go pricing, our scalable system will grow as demand for your application grows.

For Agencies

  • Build creative video solutions for clients
  • Eliminate development and maintenance overhead
  • No need to build system for short lived campaigns.

Focus on building creative video applications for your clients. Avoid hiring developers to build or maintain your own in house video editing system.

Tap in to the power of our proven cloud based video editing platform, used daily by hundreds of customers to create 1000's of videos.

With no watermarks, pay as you go pricing and the ability to scale to meet the demands of busy campaigns or spikes in requests means less stress for you and happy clients.