Automated Video Editing for Marketers

Personalised Videos that Drive Results

Automate the creation of hundreds or thousands of videos so you can get high-impact results from your marketing campaigns without any manual video editing or using any code.

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Build data-driven videos

Connect Your Data

Use your first-party data

Create personalised videos by connecting your data from your CRM, CSV, spreadsheet or other sources. Boost your conversions and sales by sharing videos with product information, offers and recommendations tailored to your unique customers.

Personalise and customise

The power of merge fields

Just like emails, videos are easily personalised with merge fields. Shotstack allows you to add merge fields to video templates so you can customise images, texts, videos, audio files and transitions to suit your customers' interests, needs and behaviour.

Create videos on autopilot

Shotstack Studio

Design your own or choose from pre-built video templates

You can create your own video templates using our Shotstack Studio, a web-based video editor. Or choose from our professionally-designed templates with pre-built transitions or animations and merge fields to help you save time.

Generate Videos

One template, multiple videos

Whether you're creating multiple personalised videos or video versions, all you need is one video template to generate thousands of videos in minutes.

Work with no-code

Automated Video Editing

No-code integrations

Use your favourite automation platform, such as Zapier or Make, to build fully automated video editing workflows that allow you to automatically create a new video every time you launch a product or welcome a new customer.

Create with Ease

Automated workflows

From generating voiceovers, editing your assets, and designing your video templates to sending your videos to your CRM or social media, our workflow templates with pre-built triggers and modules can help you get started.

Use Cases

How Marketers Use Shotstack

Build authenticity with UGC videos

Expand your content strategy and build credibility by repurposing your customers UGC videos from around the world.

Generate dynamic e-commerce videos

Stand out from the competition with personalised videos featuring unique and tailored product recommendations.

Wow with custom onboarding videos

Deliver an amazing and seamless customer onboarding experience with dynamic videos tailored to your customers unique needs

Create personalised event videos

Deliver uniquely tailored videos to your attendees and build awareness and engagement before, during and after events.

Convert articles, blogs and text to video

Repurpose your content and automatically generate a video every time you post an article or blog.

Create high-impact video ads

Maximise engagement and conversions by generating multiple video ad versions tailored to your customers needs and interests.

Build result-driven lead gen videos

Turn casual viewers into leads with tailored, relevant and useful videos that appeal to your diverse audiences.

Celebrate with bespoke milestone videos

Reward customers and celebrate their loyalty with personalised videos that show how much you know and care about them.

Generate leads with real estate videos

Sell more with real estate videos that are automatically generated for you to save you time and money.

Create show-stopping automotive videos at scale

Build thousands of automotive videos, without the high costs and long hours.

Experience Shotstack for yourself, with no risk, and generate your first video in 15 minutes.