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Create Data-Driven Videos for Personalised Care Planning







Why videos are essential in the health and wellness industry

In any health and wellness business, it’s essential to have robust analytics and data collection system to provide personalised programs and recommendations based on customers’ unique needs, goals and lifestyles.

But how else can data be used? More often than not, companies don’t take advantage of the information they have and miss out on opportunities to improve product and customer experience and launch targeted campaigns.

With Shotstack, health and wellness businesses can leverage the power of first-party data and video automation to help them generate personalised content at a large scale to engage users while providing them with specific wellness solutions.

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Benefits of video automation on health and wellness businesses

The Shotstack way

The old way

We now know we have the capability to work with video at this scale. It will be a lot easier to leverage these capabilities, and we look forward to experimenting with video a lot more in the future. Hector Zarate, Spotify

Spend thousands of hours creating videos, or use Shotstack to create thousands of bespoke date-driven videos in minutes.

Create custom content

Shotstack allows you to create a large number of videos while saving millions of dollars by completely automating the process for you.

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Save money and time with bulk video creation

Automated Wellness Videos In Minutes

From onboarding videos and how-to guides to goal tracking and weekly recaps, generate videos quickly and easily without investing in resource-intensive video production. Automated workflows can be built by interacting directly with APIs, using convenient SDKs or no-code platforms such as Make and Zapier.

Custom videos without the high production costs

Personalised Wellness Videos At Scale

Create tailored videos with specific wellness programs, tips and reminders based on user behaviour or personal data.

Reach and engage with a global audience

Geo-Targeted Wellness Videos

Attract and engage users no matter where they are with videos featuring suggestions on local wellness events, offers, activities, and voiceovers in multiple languages.


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