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Personalize Videos with our White Label API

Avoid huge upfront agency costs and build your own personalized video campaigns with our white label video editing API.

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Are existing video personalization agencies too expensive and restrictive?

Personalized video marketing solutions typically involve engaging a specialist agency. There is usually an upfront cost for consultancy and implementation. Often it is only large corporate organizations that can justify the high end production costs and service fees.

There is also a conflict of interest if you are an agency. You might worry about working with another agency who could jeopardize the relationship with your clients. Instead you would prefer to white label the service as your own.

The vendors platform might be inflexible with archaic, poorly documented API's. It only works with After Effects and a data source but doesn't allow for more flexible logic and functionality.

Example complex ffmpeg command
Our main concern going into this project was that is would be impossible to handle the enormous amount of videos that we were planning to generate. As millions of users interact with these types campaigns we were going to have to render thousands videos every minute. It quickly became apparent that this type of volume was no issue for Shotstack at all. Raúl Uranga, Technical Director, Grupo W for Ikea

Don't risk your companies reputation or client relationships. Instead use Shotstack's white label platform to power your next personalized video marketing campaign.

Make generating personalized videos as simple as sending an EDM

Shotstack is a video editing API that can be used to create personalized video messages. We provide a white label service that provides the tools needed to create your campaigns and activations.

With a simple usage model and generous rendering allowance, you can build your campaign any way you want. Our fully managed platform allows your developers to get set up quickly so you can spend more time being creative.

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On Demand

Personalize videos on request

Generate videos on demand, when users perform an action on your web site. From sign up forms to Integromat or Zapier events, it's possible to generate videos at any time of day.

To generate a video just send a request to our API with the personalization details and we'll take care of rendering your video in seconds. When it's ready you can send or serve it to your customer.

A personalized holiday booking example video

Batch Processing

Personalize videos from a data source

Our API can be integrated with any type of data source you have access to. From CRM's, mailing lists, CSV files or third party API's.

Send thousands of requests to our queue and we will render them in parallel. We can render 1000's of videos in minutes.

A personalized charity video example

Data Merge

Merge data with templates

Shotstack makes it easy create a template with placeholders that can be replaced with personalized data. Using merge fields is similar to using mail merge in a document or marketing email.

Anything can be a placeholder - text, images, video clips, fonts, colors, durations and more. Using your own logic and data source every video can be completely unique.

Personalized video merge fields using JSON
This application is the perfect example of a well executed and documented API. In less than 10 mins, set up, web hook done, and first render! Mike Maberry,
There are a couple of other options out there that attempt to provide the same or similar solution, but none of them come close in terms of quality, ease of use, and speed. Adam Chubbuck, Software Engineer
Shotstack was EXACTLY what I was looking for, and incredibly easy to get started with. You guys are killing it. Colin Plamondon,


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