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Shotstack's Startup Program gives qualifying startups 80% discount.


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Launch and scale at speed

Boost your growth with Shotstack's Startup Program. Qualifying startups will get 80% discount on Shotstack's Professional plans, and a community to support your growth.

Through a cloud based video editing API, Shotstack provides startups the fastest way to develop, launch, integrate, and scale innovative video products.

The Shotstack discount will be valid for 1 year. The program is open to any early-stage startup that meets the following eligibility requirements:

  • Incorporated less than three years ago
  • Up to Series A in funding

video editing api infrastructure as code
This application is the perfect example of a well executed and documented API. In less than 10 mins, set up, web hook done, and first render! Mike Maberry,
The API had good examples and was straight forward to setup, and most importantly dev support was quick and helpful. Once our integration was setup we could leave it do its thing and have not had any real problems since. Adam Chubbuck, Software Engineer
I have made video editing simpler because of Shotstack, now people can use my platform to make video by simply uploading images, so i have managed to make this service possible due to Shotstack. Chinmaya, Founder

How startups use Shotstack to build awesome video experiences

MY VIVENDA integrated the Shotstack video editing API in to their real estate marketing platform and improved their customer experience. Their team built an app that simplifies real estate video production, even for users with no film making experience.

MY VIVENDA mobile app

Why startups choose Shotstack

Affordable & Scalable

Scale as you grow

We are API-first and you only pay for what you use. Make use of the unlimited sandbox environment to create & test without any limitation. Only scale as your startup grows.

We're here to help! Developers rely on our quality docs, sample code, learn articles, and tutorials. And we offer continuous technical support to all customers.

video api for startups

Intuitive & Powerful

Accelerate your go-to-market

Launch your video products and automation workflows in days, not months. Check out our professional video templates with code samples to get started in minutes.

We continuously work to produce high quality learning resources. You will have access to our Shotstack community where we actively share and support projects.

shotstack startup program

Robust & Reliable

Battle-tested reliability

The Shotstack infrastructure has been built with scale and reliability in mind. Offering integrations with S3, Mux or our very own Shotstack Hosting service. Our APIs provide you with an efficient way to distribute your videos.

With more integrations coming soon, Shotstack provides a scalable and affordable solution for startups to reliably build their video product.

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Join companies large and small rendering thousands of videos every day

Coca Cola

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I redeem the Shotstack credits?
Eligible startups can apply for the Shotstack Startup Program by submitting this form. We will add $5,000 Shotstack credits to your Shotstack fixed plan account once your application is approved.
How are the Shotstack credits applied?
Credits are applied to your monthly bill, covering up to $5,000 in total usage.
Where can I see my credits applied?
You can see your credits applied credits in your monthly billing.
When do my Shotstack credits expire?
Your Shotstack credits are valid up to one year from the activation date.
What happens if I go over my credit limit?
If you exhaust all your credits you will be charged for the additional usage for that month.
How do I know if my accelerator/incubator/VC firm is already partnered with Shotstack?
Check with your investor or accelerator to determine if they have partnered with the Shotstack Startup Program. You can ask them to submit an application to become a partner if they don't.
How does doubling your Shotstack credits work?
Share this page with your investor or accelerator. Once they apply and successfully become a Shotstack partner, you can email us to confirm. Once we verify from our end, we will add additional $5,000 in Shotstack credits to your account.
Is this program only for new Shotstack customers?
It would have taken a lot of research on what technologies we needed to leverage technically for us to achieve the desired outcome. This would have taken at least two months of engineering time for a simple use case, and up to 6 months if the scope widened. Hector Zarate, Spotify

You could spend thousands of hours developing your own video editing API, increasing time to market and costing money.

Experience Shotstack for yourself, with no risk, and generate your first video in 15 minutes.