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Personalised and Localised Educational Videos At Scale







Why videos are essential in education and training

From workplace training to online short courses and higher education, the popularity of remote learning has skyrocketed in recent years. The use of video in on-demand learning has many advantages, including the ability to reuse and update content as needed for teachers and the ability to watch multiple times, at all hours of the day or night, for students.

With Shotstack, educational companies and institutions can leverage video automation to help them generate content at a large scale without the high costs involved in hiring full-service production companies.

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Benefits of video automation in the education sector

The Shotstack way

The old way

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Spend thousands of hours creating videos, or use Shotstack to create thousands of bespoke date-driven videos in minutes.

Create custom content

Shotstack allows you to create a large number of videos while saving millions of dollars by completely automating the process for you.

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Save money and time with bulk video creation

Automated Educational Videos In Minutes

Generate training videos at scale using your own or any pre-built video template and repurpose long-form and text-based learning resources into short and bite-sized videos. Automated workflows can be built by interacting directly with APIs, using convenient SDKs or no-code platforms such as Make and Zapier.

Custom videos without the high production costs

Personalised Training Videos At Scale

Tailor educational videos based on student’s learning styles, interests and preferences to get students more engaged.

Reach and engage with a global audience

Localised Videos For Inclusive Learning

Add captions and voiceovers in different languages to your educational videos using text-to-speech to break down barriers globally.


Join companies large and small rendering thousands of videos every day

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