Built with Shotstack

See how our customers build and integrate automated video editing in to their applications quickly and easily.

Real Estate Slideshow Videos

Aryeo is real estate content platform used by 30,000 real estate agents to automate listings, website content and videos created with the Shotstack API.

Leading Music Streaming Provider

The world's leading music streaming provider built a workflow solution capable of manipulating tens of thousands of music videos on a daily basis.

Daily News Summary Videos

ETX generate hundreds of daily news summary videos that combine titles and captions, text to speech and translation with the help of Shotstack's video editing API.

Investment Recommendation Videos

Smartkarma is an investment research network. Smartkarma use the Shotstack API to generate webinar and podcast previews and investment insight videos.

Recruitment Videos

Amplify is a video management system for recruiters. Shotstack is used to automatically generate recruitment videos that helps build an employers brand.

Real Estate Marketing Videos

MyVivenda have integrated the Shotstack API in to their real estate mobile app that helps agents automatically generate property videos.

Personalised Tour Videos

TakeMeTour offers personalised guided tours of Thailand and South East Asia lead by local people. The Shotstack API helps guides create personalised videos of each tour.

Rental Property Slideshow Videos

Flat Monthly used the Shotstack API to generate 1000's of slideshow videos from spreadsheets containing property details and data.

Text First Video Editing

Type automatically transcribes and adds subtitles to video and you can edit footage by editing the text. Type built their MVP using Shotstack in record time.