Trim Video

Trim the start and end of a video to create a shortened clip

Max file size: 250MB
Max length: 2 minutes
0 sec 120 sec

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About the trim video demo

Trim a video by cutting off the start, end or both. This demo application shows you a how you can upload or fetch a video from a URL, set a start and end time and render a new trimmed video clip. A simple form allows you to see the total clip length and select the in and out points.

The original video file and time settings are posted to a backend script that creates a JSON payload with the edit parameters. The JSON is posted to the Shotstack video editing API and after a few seconds the video is rendered to the new length and the URL is sent back to be displayed on the web page.

This is a simple example of what can be done with the API. You might adapt this functionality as part of a simple workflow to trim an hour long stream in to shorter segments for social media, or it might be a component of a broader online video editing application.

This demo is available as an open source project built using basic HTML, Bootstrap and a simple jQuery script. The backend uses Node.js and Express and can be one-click installed as a Serverless application.