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Simple pay as you go tiered pricing, billed monthly based on the total number of minutes of video created.

from $0.035/min

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Pricing tiers that scale with your business

As the volume of videos you create grows, the price per minutes decreases.
(All prices in US Dollars)
 1-100100-10001000-10,00010,000-50,000> 50,000
 SD$0.10/min$0.07/min$0.05/min$0.035/minContact Us
 HD 720p$0.20/min$0.14/min$0.10/min$0.07/minContact Us
 HD 1080p$0.40/min$0.28/min$0.20/min$0.14/minContact Us

Pricing is based on the total number of minutes of video output in a calendar month at the end of the payment period.

Payment period is one calendar month and is billed on the third day of the following month. For example; usage for the month of January is billed on the 3rd of February.

Minutes are calculated based on the total number of seconds of video created. For example; if your video is 1 minute and 1 second you are billed for 1 minute and 1 second, not 2 minutes.

At the end of the payment period, total minutes are rounded up to the nearest minute. For example; if you create 10 minutes and 30 seconds of video in total you will be billed for 11 minutes.

Example 1

User Alice renders 1000 x 30 second (0.5 minute) SD videos during a calendar month. Alice's total billable usage is 1000 x 0.5 = 500 minutes, her end of month fee will be $30.

Example 2

User Bob renders 500 x 1 minute and 30 second (1.5 minutes) HD 720p videos during a calendar month. Bob's total billable usage is 500 x 1.5 = 750 minutes, his end of month fee will be $85.

Staging usage remains free to use but includes a watermark and is limited to 2000 API requests per month.