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Why videos are essential in sports

The rate of people watching live sports events is slowly decreasing and is expected to reach only 53% by 2024. Almost half of millennials and Gen Z audiences also prefer watching sports on their smartphones. These statistics confirm that sports media consumption has changed, and businesses need to rethink their strategy to attract audiences.

In sports, key moments are captured by cameras from every angle, all at the same time. That’s a massive amount of content that could be overwhelming to organise, edit and share manually. This is where sports video automation comes in. It helps businesses automatically create hundreds, if not thousands, of videos in minutes using images, footage, and data available.

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Benefits of sports video automation

The Shotstack way

The old way

We now know we have the capability to work with video at this scale. It will be a lot easier to leverage these capabilities, and we look forward to experimenting with video a lot more in the future. Hector Zarate, Spotify

Spend thousands of hours creating videos, or use Shotstack to create thousands of bespoke date-driven videos in minutes.

Create custom content

Shotstack allows you to create a large number of videos while saving millions of dollars by completely automating the process for you.

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Increase viewership

Automated Sports Videos

From post-match analysis to reliving the most exciting part of the game, you can create easy-to-consume and highly-shareable videos at scale. Automated workflows can be built by interacting directly with APIs, using convenient SDKs or no-code platforms such as Make and Zapier.

Enhance fan experience

Personalised Sports Highlight Reels

Whether showcasing key moments of a match or featuring career-defining wins by an athlete for an entire season, you can customise videos you share with your customers based on their interests to increase engagement.

Attract global audiences

Localised Videos For Global Fans

Connect with new audiences in a new and exciting way by making them feel their part of the action, no matter where they are, by adding voiceovers in 30 different languages using text-to-speech.


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