Javascript Video Editor SDK

Embed a white-labeled video editor inside your application.

Embedded video editor using Javascript


Used every day by product teams at businesses large and small

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The Shotstack's JavaScript video editing SDK is an embeddable tool for developers and product teams to add video editing capabilities to their applications. Instead of building a video editor from the ground up, you can embed Shotstack's JavaScript video editing SDK into your app. This gives your users a video editor that can be customised to look and feel like part of your brand.

Developing a complete video editing application from scratch is a huge undertaking. It requires experienced engineers, months of development and ongoing maintenance and optimisation. It's a significant investment in time and money.

Shotstack ships with all the essential video editing features you need, including cut and trim, stitching clips, transitions, filters and effects and lets you merge videos, images, text and audio. All accessible using an easily embeddable JavaScript snippet.


Shotstack's JavaScript video editing SDK is available as an embeddable library that can be included in your application. The SDK can be installed inside of the script tag.

<script src=""></script>


Embed your white-labeled video editor within the script tag of your html. Choose whether you want an interactive timeline and style the editor using your brand colours

window.shotstack.create(document.getElementById('editor'), {
interactive: true,
timeline: true,
style: {
primaryColor: '#2ecc71',
secondaryColor: '#fd79a8',


Interact directly with the video editor or load an updated Edit object describing your edit.

window.shotstack.load(targetId, json, {});


Use the Shotstack Video Editing API to render videos created in Shotstack's JavaScript video editing SDK.

const edit = window.shotstack.timeline;

Final Result

The code above will embed a video editor into the div element with the editor id.

It would have taken a lot of research on what technologies we needed to leverage technically for us to achieve the desired outcome. This would have taken at least two months of engineering time for a simple use case, and up to 6 months if the scope widened. Hector Zarate, Spotify

You could spend thousands of hours developing your own video editing API, increasing time to market and costing money.

Experience Shotstack for yourself, with no risk, and generate your first video in 15 minutes.