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Create Dynamic Video Templates for Bulk Video Editing

Introducing Shotstack Studio - The online browser-based video editor for creating dynamic video templates for bulk video editing.

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Shotstack Studio online video editor


Join companies large and small creating thousands of videos every day

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Avoid hours battling with video editing software designed for one off videos

The Shotstack online video editor is specially designed for high volume, template-based, batch video editing where you need to create videos in bulk. Easily create a video template and then automatically generate 1 or 1,000 videos from the same video template.

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Desktop video editors

Traditional video editing software isn't designed for automation

Desktop and online video editors are designed to create one video at a time. To create videos in bulk you need to manage and render multiple videos from the same file. Or you need to spend days creating an automated workflow and generate one video at a time.

Batch video rendering with Adobe Media Encoder

No-code video editing

Automated video editing without the scripting headaches

Instead of adapting After Effects videos to work with data, creating custom scripts and managing infrastructure, use a purpose built editor designed for bulk video editing. Shotstack's Studio web-based video editor is designed to create video editing templates for automation and workflows.

Adobe Premiere scripted video editing
It would have taken a lot of research on what technologies we needed to leverage technically for us to achieve the desired outcome. This would have taken at least two months of engineering time for a simple use case, and up to 6 months if the scope widened. Hector Zarate, Spotify

Don't waste days designing video templates only to discover they can't be generated in bulk or connected to a database or spreadsheet?

The online video editor built for automation

The only browser-based online video editing software built for automation and template-based bulk video editing. Design video templates using a familiar timeline based, non-liner video editing interface and easily automate video generation by connecting templates to data sources, workflows and API's.

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Simple video editing

Familiar video editing features

The Shotstack Studio video editor uses familiar tools video editors are familiar with, such as a timeline, non-linear video editing interface and drag and drop preview. Quickly learn the basics and start stitching, merging, trimming and sequencing clips in no time.

Timeline, non-linear video editing

Easy Automation

Use merge fields to generate videos dynamically

Set up merge fields and placeholders directly into the template design. Merge fields allow you to generate thousands of variations from the same template. Just about anything can be set as a placeholder and dynamically replaced - video clips, images, text, trim and stitch settings, fonts, colours and many more.

Generate dynamic videos using merge fields

Creative Editing and Design

Creative tools to bring your designs to life

Bring your ideas to life with advanced video editing features like track mattes and luma masks, alpha channels, transparency and QuickTime support. Plus, built in effects, transitions and effects are just a click away.

Video editing with built in transitions

Drag and Drop Video Editor

Create the layout and design you want

Use the drag and drop video editing tools it is easy to position, resize and layer elements exactly where you want them. Accurately arrange video clips, images and text to create the look and feel for your video templates.

Drag and drop video editing

Industry Standard Editing

Edit videos, images, audio, text and more

Upload and edit all kinds of media files and formats, including video, images, audio, text and custom fonts. With the Studio editor you can edit MP4, MOV, WEBM, MP3, PNG, WEBP, JPG, GIF and other popular industry standard file formats.

Edit video, images, text, audio and more


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This application is the perfect example of a well executed and documented API. In less than 10 mins, set up, web hook done, and first render! Mike Maberry,
There are a couple of other options out there that attempt to provide the same or similar solution, but none of them come close in terms of quality, ease of use, and speed. Adam Chubbuck, Software Engineer
Shotstack was EXACTLY what I was looking for, and incredibly easy to get started with. You guys are killing it. Colin Plamondon,

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