Introducing Subscriptions

Over the last year we have introduced a range of powerful features and capabilities such as CDN hosting, image rendering, industry-leading render times and third-party integrations like Integromat. Unfortunately our pricing has not kept up with different charges for different services making the overall experience disjointed and unclear.

From July 1 onwards we will be moving over to subscriptions, allowing us to introduce new features and provide you with clear and accessible pricing that helps you get your job done.

After talking to our customers it became clear there were three main principles you were looking for in prices:

  1. You want pricing to be straightforward.
  2. You want to pay for what you need.
  3. You want to see value when you grow your usage.


Taking into account these three principles we designed four subscription tiers.

Free tier

The Free tier provides you with 20 minutes of video and 100 images per month to render completely free of charge. If you're wanting to put our infrastructure to the test, or are happy to create only a few videos or images every month this plan provides you with a great entry way to test out all functionalities, plus the ability to store and serve your videos and images via our high performance CDN.

You can join thousands of other developers, marketers and creators in the Shotstack Community Forum to discuss your use case and get support on how to best achieve your needs.

And if you happen to go over your free allowance you can continue rendering with a watermark or easily switch over to a paid plan.

Essentials tier

We designed the Essentials tier for marketers, innovators and developers who have smaller volume requirements or are in the process of ramping up their workflow or application. This tier provides you with powerful industry-leading rendering capabilities and technical support, all designed to sustain production-level workflows and applications with the peace of mind knowing that all of your usage is covered by a 99.9% uptime guarantee.

Within this tier you enjoy increasingly higher discounts with each additional credit purchase. And to keep it simple we include blazing fast CDN-enabled hosting and storage as part of the plan. No need to think about how much storage or bandwidth you need as we've allocated exactly what most users on this plan need to get their videos and images out there.

And if you happen to use more than what is included you only pay for what you need. No need to move onto a new plan and no risk in running out of storage. Easy.

Professional tier

When you're looking for serious, unmatched, super-reliable, industry leading performance this is the tier for you. It provides you with the best there is to offer in terms of media generation infrastructure on the internet and is perfect for product managers, technical managers and teams looking for unmatched performance to power their media generation needs.

With 8 concurrent renders, 99.99% uptime guarantee, render acceleration, multi-region infrastructure, guaranteed support response times and serious storage and bandwidth allowances this tier gives you the peace of mind you need to know your application or workflow is in good hands.

Even better, at this tier the discounts really start to add up providing you with some serious value for money.

Custom Plans

For short-term creative campaigns, mission-critical applications and workflows and high volume credit requirements we offer the ability to create your own plan. This option is great for digital and creative agencies requiring a high volume of credits for a set period of time or large enterprises needing ultra-fast and ultra-reliable performance and reliability to power their mission-critical applications and workflows.

What's next

With the introduction of these subscriptions we are excited to start introducing a range of new features and capabilities to push the ability for you to dynamically create video, images and audio to a whole new level. Stay tuned.

Derk Zomer

27th June, 2021

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