Five videos Media and Entertainment companies should be creating today

We know video is the fastest growing medium, with a very high engagement rate. And companies in the Media and Entertainment industry are always at the forefront of using new video technology to increase their creativity and engagement.

At Shotstack, we've built the technology that allows you to take your creativity to the next level and create amazing, bespoke videos at scale. This means you now have the ability to create thousands of unique videos per minute, bringing together your first party data and media assets to create a truly unique experience for your audience. Not only that, you could be unlocking new revenue streams.

There are limitless possibilities of what you can create with Shotstack and we've put together five videos Media and Entertainment companies should be creating today to get you started.

Personalised Newsreel Videos

Build bespoke news bulletins to send to each viewer that's tailored to their interests or location. And automatically add translations, captions and watermarks.

What type of loyalty and engagement would that build with your audience?

Increase Fan Engagement at Live Events

You're holding a live event and want to increase engagement with your attendees, visitors or fans.

Create the ability for every single person at your event to generate a highly polished video of their experience and share it, in real-time. And what if that video was branded for your event or even sponsored.

Create a video for every written article

And for publishers, automatically create a video for every piece of content you write. Bringing together the copy, imagery and footage that's featured in the article, allowing you to either feature the video on the page or share via your social media or email channels.

Bespoke movie trailers for new releases

Get your fans excited about a new release. Personalise a trailer just for them. Make use of your first party data to personalise the trailer, use their location to highlight the theatre nearby that's showing the film and the screening time, get them excited to book their tickets and share the video with their friends.

Have your fans create their own music video

What if every fan could be in a music video with their favourite artist? Have them upload a video or image of themselves to appear with the artist. Or build an application that allows them to select the scenes and create their own music video, creating a personalised unique experience just for them.

This isn't a future vision or dream scenario, this is the reality of what you can be doing with Shotstack right now.

If you are attending NAB Show, come visit our booth or attend one of our events in the Intelligent Content Experiential Zone, West Hall, add us to your agenda.

Sign up for a Shotstack account or book a call with us to find out more. We'd love to hear what you want to do with video, and work with you to make it a reality.

Debbie Gainsford

23rd March, 2023

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