No-Code Creative Automation

Automate Creativity Without Code

Automate creativity and use generative AI to build bespoke and personalised videos at scale in minutes without writing a line of code.

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Media generation workflow no code tool


Join companies large and small rendering thousands of videos every day

Coca Cola

Automated video creation that works for everyone


Build large-scale bespoke videos fast without the high costs and the long hours.


Run and test personalised video campaigns quickly without relying on developers.

Create videos from webhook

Set triggers and automate video generation using leading marketing platforms such as HubSpot and Salesforce.

Create your dynamic template

Build your template using the Shotstack Studio online video editor and add merge fields.

Set up your automation

Configure a workflow or automation on marketing platforms like HubSpot, Salesforce or Mailchimp.

Generate bespoke videos on demand

Build unique personalised videos as user signup, churn, onboard and interact with your brand.

Create videos from CSV

When you have single or one-off campaigns, you can create videos in bulk using data saved on a CSV file.

Design your dynamic template

Design your template using the Shotstack Studio online video editor and add merge fields.

Upload your CSV

Upload personalised user data or records for each product in your catalogue.

Generate thousands of bespoke videos

Generate thousands of personalised or product videos in minutes, not days.

Why you'll love workflows

Generative AI

Enhance your videos with hyper-realistic voiceovers available in over 30 languages to localise your content.


Once your workflow has been built, videos are automatically generated for you every time there's a new event trigger or when a new CSV is uploaded.

Get more done

Generate thousands of videos in a few clicks and in just minutes, so you can focus on more complex tasks.


Tailor your video content for every customer easily and quickly and watch engagement and conversion rates improve.


Frequently Asked Questions

Does Workflows replace the Shotstack APIs?
Workflows is built on top of the Shotstack APIs. The APIs are still available for everyone to use when building more complex projects and media applications.
Why would I use Workflows and not the APIs?
Workflows is a great way to quickly create bespoke videos at scale, without having to write a line of code.
How many Workflows can I set up?
We want our users to access the full features of Workflows, so at the moment, you can create as many workflows as you like.
How much does Workflows cost?
For a limited time, we're including Workflows in all Shotstack subscriptions. We want all users to experience its capabilities firsthand.
Do I have to pay for text-to-speech?
We want users to experience the full features and functionality of Workflows, so for a limited time, you can use Workflows to generate text-to-speech for free.

Experience Shotstack for yourself, with no risk, and generate your first video in 15 minutes.