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The Importance of Effective Onboarding Videos

Customer onboarding videos are short, instructional videos that guide customers through the process of using a product or service. They can help you showcase and excite your customers about using your product. Benefits include:

Improved Revenue

90% of consumers say they are willing to spend more with companies that personalise the customer service experience - Zendesk

Increased engagement

97% of people think video is an effective tool to welcome and educate new customers. - Wyzowl

Reduced churn

More than half (55%) of people say they’ve returned a product because they didn’t fully understand how to use it. - Wyzowl

Examples of Onboarding Videos


Walkthrough Videos

These could be videos that guide your customers through the steps of using your product or service. They can be used to teach the basics, explain advanced functions or provide tips and tricks.


Explainer Videos

These videos highlight the main features and functions of a product or a service. They are typically short, often animated, and designed to be engaging.


FAQ Videos

Videos that answer common questions or address common issues that customers may encounter. These videos can reduce customer frustration and the burden on small customer service teams.


Case Study Videos

These videos feature current customers and their positive experiences with the product or service. These videos can show customers the best ways to use the product/service and encourage them to pay more.

Best Practices for Onboarding Videos

Keep it short and to the point

Make your video as concise as possible, focusing on the key points. If your product or service is complex, consider creating a series of shorter videos, each focused on a different aspect.

Make it engaging

Create a video that’s engaging and entertaining while still being informative. This might involve humour, storytelling, or incorporating engaging visuals and animations through video editing.

Keep it simple and accessible

Use simple language and avoid jargon and technical terms as much as possible. Consider including captions for those who are hard of hearing, and make sure your video is viewable on different devices and internet speeds.

Personalise for a better customer

Use the data you collect from your customers to create different versions of your onboarding videos and customise your recommendations and tips based on their past behaviour, interests, industry, or level of familiarity.

Benefits of Using Shotstack to Create Your Onboarding Videos



Easily create multiple versions of your videos tailored to your diverse customers globally to ensure all customers receive the same level of information and guidance during onboarding.



Tailor your video content to address specific segments’ or customers’ specific needs and interests, helping them understand and get value from your product or service.



Create new personalised onboarding videos automatically for every new audience segment or specific customer you have without incurring high costs while maintaining a consistent brand identity and messaging.


Easy Distribution

Download your edited videos from Shotstack’s hosting service, stream them using Mux or send them directly to your CRM, CMS or cloud storage platforms such as AWS S3 or Google Cloud Storage.

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