API Webhook Trigger

Send a POST request with an API key to start the workflow


Capture data from external services and applications in JSON format using the Shotstack API Webhook trigger. Initiate Workflows by posting data from services that have a webhook callback feature and send data to use in your dynamic video and image templates.

How to use this Trigger

Select the API trigger and fill in a sample JSON payload. The JSON keys and values will be available in all downstream workflow Actions. A sample Curl request will be generated which you can use to test your workflow. When you workflow is ready make sure the external application sends JSON to the workflow endpoint in the same format and with the same keys. When the API request is received the workflow will start and the data will be used by the workflow Actions.

Workflow Trigger's

Triggers retrieve source data and initiate the workflow and make the data available to all downstream Actions.

Triggers include a CSV module that will loop through a CSV file and pass each row as an input to the downstream Actions. And an API webhook module that will receive data from an external source and pass it to the downstream Actions.