Image to Video

Convert image to video using the Shotstack image-to-video service.


Generate AI generated video from images using the Shotstack image-to-video workflow module.

How to use this Action

Select the module, fill in the fields and chain with other modules. The output video URL can be used in other modules.

Workflow Action's

Actions are used to process inputs, perform tasks and return an output. Inputs are typically media file URLs, text, prompts and template merge fields.

The Action will then perform some kind of task on the inputs - such as rendering a template using the provided merge field values, generating an image or video from a text prompt or converting a video to a different format.

Finally the Action will return an output, such as a video URL or body of text. The output can then be used as an input for another downstream Action.

The input values that can be passed to the module.
The output values returned by the module.
The options and settings for the module.
Image URLThe URL of the image you want to turn into a video
URLThe output generated is a URL to a video file
Guidance ScaleHow strongly the video sticks to the original image.
MotionThe amount of motion in the generated video