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Simple. Intuitive. Scalable.


Build applications around your data and content with the tech stack of your choice and our video editing SDK's.


Post your edit to the Shotstack Cloud API. Our video generation API fetches and edits your assets, merges your data and renders your video.


Download the final video in the format and resolution of your choice or send it directly to Mux or S3.

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Build Media Applications. Without the Stress.

Create media experiences in days not months, and forget about servers and infrastructure. Plus, generate videos and images that look amazing.

Shotstack's cloud based image and video editing API's simplify the developer experience. Our platform helps companies generate and serve millions of videos every year.

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Surprise and Delight

Integrate Fast. Create Beautiful Experiences.

Our video and image editing API's make automation quick and easy. Rest assured that our infrastructure will scale to meet your needs.

Delight your customers with creative experiences using our professional templates and template editor.

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Creative Freedom

Simple. Powerful. Creative.

Process workflows using Make (Integromat) or Zapier. Or build complex applications using our flexible APIs, SDKs and comprehensive docs. Add video and image editing features in 10 minutes with our managed, hosted platform.

Enjoy creative freedom designing videos and images. Combine templates with code (or no code) to create experiences that surprise and delight your users.

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See How Our Customers Build Video Applications

 Spotify Generates 1000s of Videos per Day
Spotify Generates 1000s of Videos per Day

Spotify's Partners and Platforms Experiences create an integrated Instagram sharing experience.

 Ikea Delight Customers During the Pandemic
Ikea Delight Customers During the Pandemic

IKEA Family members generate personalised video messages for their loved ones.

 MY VIVENDA Choose Shotstack Instead of AWS
MY VIVENDA Choose Shotstack Instead of AWS

MY VIVENDA choose Shotstack for its ease of use and high performance rendering.

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API Documentation

Get started building video applications with our complete, clear and concise API documentation. The Shotstack video generation API uses REST and JSON allowing you to use the coding language of your choice.

Documentation API Reference
Example Code

Our simple example scripts will quickly give you an idea of how to start building automated video applications and integrate our SDK's. Learn how to cut clips, animate images, add a soundtrack and style titles.

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Sample Applications

See the Shotstack API in action and download the full source code for our basic demo applications.

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YouTube Channel

Our YouTube channel showcases some basic example videos created with the Shotstack API along with links to source code on GitHub.

YouTube Channel

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