Five videos automotive companies should be creating today

The automotive industry is undergoing a digital transformation, driven by the rise of 5G, IoT, and augmented reality. These technologies enable new ways of marketing, selling, and servicing vehicles, as well as enhancing the customer experience. Video is a key component of this transformation, as it can showcase the features, benefits, and emotions of owning a vehicle in a captivating and engaging way.

However, creating high-quality videos for the automotive industry can be challenging, time-consuming, and expensive. That’s why many automotive companies are turning to Shotstack, a cloud-based video editing platform that allows them to automate the creation of videos at scale. Shotstack provides a simple API and SDKs for various programming languages, as well as pre-built templates to help you get started. With Shotstack, you can create videos from images, videos, text, music, and voice-overs, and apply transitions, filters, effects, and overlays.

Here are five examples of automated videos that automotive companies could be creating today with Shotstack:

Vehicle listing video

One of the most common types of videos for the automotive industry is the vehicle listing video. This is a video that showcases a specific vehicle that is available for sale or lease, highlighting its key features, specifications, and price. A vehicle listing video can help attract more attention and interest from potential buyers, as well as increase conversions and sales.

With Shotstack, you can easily create vehicle listing videos by bringing together vehicle images along with key data points such as make, model, year, mileage, colour, engine type, fuel efficiency, etc. You can also add voice-overs or music to enhance the video. Shotstack can automatically generate these videos for each vehicle in your inventory, saving you time and resources.

Lead generation video

Generate more leads and customers with a lead generation video. This type of video automatically responds to inbound enquiries about particular vehicles with personalised and tailored videos for your customers. For example, if a customer fills out a form on your website requesting more information about a certain vehicle, you can send them a video that addresses their specific questions and needs.

With Shotstack, you can create lead generation videos by using dynamic data from your CRM or database to customise the video content for each customer. You can also use variables such as name, location, date, etc. to personalise the video. Shotstack can automatically create these videos and you can then send them to your customers through your preferred channel, increasing your response rate and customer satisfaction.

Car walk around video

A car walk-around video gives a detailed tour of a vehicle’s exterior and interior features. It can help you showcase the quality and condition of a vehicle, as well as demonstrate how it works and what it can do. A car walk-around video can be useful for new inventory arrivals or special offers.

With Shotstack, you can enhance your car walk-around videos by automatically adding overlays with key product details such as name, price, and warranty. You can also use transitions and effects to make the video more appealing and professional. Shotstack can automatically create these videos from your existing footage or images of the vehicles.

Service video

A service video shows the before and after of a vehicle’s service. It can help you build trust and loyalty with your customers by showing them what you have done to their vehicle and how you have improved it. A service video can also help you upsell additional services or products that may benefit the customer.

With Shotstack, you can easily create service videos by combining before and after images or videos of the vehicle along with text or voice-overs explaining what was done and why. You can also add logos or branding elements to reinforce your identity and reputation. Shotstack can automatically create these videos for each service order and send them to your customers via your preferred distribution channel.

Deal video

A deal video spotlights specific vehicles that you have a special offer on. It can help you generate more interest and demand for these vehicles by highlighting their features and benefits along with the deal details, such as price reduction, financing options, and trade-in value. A deal video can be effective for seasonal promotions or clearance sales.

With Shotstack, you can create deal videos by selecting the vehicles that you want to feature along with the deal information such as percentage discount, monthly payment amount and duration of offer. You can also add music or voice-overs to create urgency and excitement. Shotstack can automatically create these videos for each deal category and you can then share them on social media, your website or any other channel you wish.


Video is a powerful tool for the automotive industry to showcase their products and services in an engaging and compelling way. However, creating high-quality videos can be challenging without the right tools and resources. That’s why Shotstack is the perfect solution for automating the creation of videos at scale for the automotive industry. Shotstack can help you create various types of videos such as vehicle listing, lead generation, car walk around, service, and deal videos with ease and efficiency. With Shotstack, you can save time, money, and effort, while increasing your conversions, sales, and customer satisfaction.

If you want to learn more about how Shotstack can help you create automated videos for the automotive industry, visit the website sign up today. You can also check out the video examples and tutorials to get inspired and started.

Debbie Gainsford

4th September, 2023

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