MY VIVENDA built a real estate video listing app powered by Shotstack

MY VIVENDA is a marketing platform for the real estate industry in Northwestern Europe and offers customizable solutions to real estate agents allowing them to acquire more listings, successfully market them and position themselves as a unique service provider.

The challenge

In 2020 the MY VIVENDA team started working on building a mobile application that allowed their real estate agents to use their mobile phone camera to generate real estate listings. Their aim was to allow their customers to create beautiful real estate videos in less than 5 minutes.

The challenge the team was facing was that they needed to build the technology capable of taking camera footage in a wide range of different resolutions and formats and assemble these into professional looking real estate video listings real estate agents could share with their customers.

Ease of implementation

To develop their product it was important to find the right balance between developing the required capabilities themselves and relying on third-party providers.

Sjoerd Hylkema, director of MY VIVENDA, noted that "the choice between different solutions came down to the ease of implementation. We evaluated services such as AWS Elemental but quickly came to the conclusion that the ease of implementation and the range of capabilities offered by Shotstack was the obvious choice for our requirements".

Powerful media generation infrastructure

To provide their customers with a good user experience it was vital for their videos to be processed quickly at high resolution. Shotstack's infrastructure made it possible to render a 1 minute HD video in less than 20 seconds.

With Shotstack's focus on performance we have been able to provide our customers with a great user experience, provide comparable performance to more expensive custom built alternatives and provide a service where render speeds are independent of the capabilities of our customer's mobile device.

Leveraging video to increase engagement

MY VIVENDA understands the power video has in fostering engagement and is already looking ahead at the next step in the development of their platform.

The next step is looking at how we can include video messaging functionality to expand the ability of our real-estate agents to converse with their customers, and use Shotstack to process these videos to increase engagement.
Derk Zomer

27th July, 2021

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