Shotstack Studio: What you need to know

Shotstack Studio is a web-based video template editor that allows you design, customise and preview video templates. It’s the first step to automating and creating videos at scale, letting you generate thousands of videos from a single template.

Create from something familiar

Video editing just got better with Shotstack Studio. With an intuitive user interface and functionality, the template editor would look and feel familiar to users with previous video editing experience. You can save time and effort by not having to learn a new tool from scratch so you can focus on building your video templates.

It allows you to upload videos, images, text, overlays, audio files and masks. It also lets you easily add transitions, motion effects and filters.

Shotstack Studio helps you visualise how the different elements in your video work together, spot errors or inconsistencies and quickly check your edits before you render your entire video to help speed up your editing process.

Explore your creative side

With Shotstack Studio, you can push your creative boundaries and take your videos to the next level. It’s got everything you need to create templates that make an impact.

Create and preview video templates

Design your own video template or customise pre-built ones by adding videos, images, texts and audio files. Edit videos your way by toggling between the template editor and the JSON view. Plus, preview it before rendering so you can see how the video looks and sounds like before downloading the final copy.

Stand out with Effects

Add transitions, motion effects, filters, luma mattes and overlays to your video and make them stand out. You can also import your existing After Effects compositions into Shotstack to use in your videos to save you time.

Create more than just videos

Let your creativity flow without limiting yourself to videos. Create images and audio files for use across all your media channels. Just select what you want to create and your preferred output in Shotstack Studio. Keep things consistent across all your touchpoints.

Personalise your videos

This is where the true power of Shotstack comes in. Personalise your templates using merge fields or placeholders that can be used to insert dynamic data into your videos. With merge fields, you can customise any element of your video from text to images and audio and create bespoke videos.

Start building your video templates with Shotstack Studio today. Sign up to a free account today.

Kathy Calilao

11th August, 2023

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