New slide, carousel and zoom transitions

We've added new transitions to the API to add excitement and energy to your videos.

Slide and Zoom Transitions

The video above was created using the new slide and zoom transitions along with our HTML asset. The zoom transition rapidly scales an asset (text, image or video) in or out of the screen while the slide transition allows you to slide an asset a short distance on to the screen left, right up or down.

Check the intro and outro text to see the zoom transition in action and the slide up transition of the logo at the end.

These subtle effects can add a whole new dimension to your videos and really make them stand out.

Check out the kinetic text JSON example.

The carousel transition slides an asset across the entire screen in to view, and works left, right, up and down. Add a motion effect in the same direction as the carousel transition and you can create the video above.

View the carousel JSON example.

Refer to the Clip and Transition schemas in our API docs to see how you can apply these and other transitions.

Jeff Shillitto

4th November 2020

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