Achieve email click-through rates of 27% using personalized video

According to Campaign Monitor average email open rates sit around 18%, and to expect an average click-through rate around 2.5%.

In this article we will show you how we get consistent 50% open rates and 27% click-through rates by using personalized video.

Optimizing your email marketing

It is increasingly common to see emails being personalized and segmented. Research by Campaign Monitor has shown that personalized subject lines making it 26% more likely for your email to be opened, and segmentation has the ability to increase email revenue by 760%.

By making sure to personalize your subject line and segmenting your emails appropriately you will already see stronger email performance. But we will show you how you can improve click-through rates by another 25% by adding personalized video banners to your emails.

Personalized video experiment

For this experiment we emailed 1,088 cold leads in the real estate sector. In the email we showcase the power of using video to advertise their real estate listings and provide a link to a real estate video listing builder that allows them to see our software in action.

Using this same real estate listing template we dynamically generate two personalized videos of two of the recipients' recently listed properties and attach these as links to the email, in addition to providing a preview of the video.

Personalized variants

We kept the subject line of the email the same across all variants. We tested three different versions of the personalised video preview:

  • Using a static preview image
  • Using an animated Gif preview image
  • Using no image
Static image previewGif animation preview
Image previewGif preview

Email example

Personalized real estate email


The results for the experiment are striking. With an average open rate of 43% and a click-through rate of 20% the power of personalized video is undeniable. And when digging deeper into the results we see that by adding a banner image to your email you can achieve a staggering click-through rate of 27%.

Personalized video experiment results

Derk Zomer

30th October 2021

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