Convert MP4 to GIF using an API and send to S3

A pre-built, no-code video processing template to kickstart your next media automation workflow.

Use this workflow template to convert an MP4 video to a GIF. Trigger the workflow using an API webhook call and pass the URL of a video file. Configure everything using the Shotstack no-code visual media workflow tool to quickly build media applications without writing a single line of code.

API Webhook Trigger


API Webhook Trigger TRIGGER

Send a POST request with an API key to start the workflow

Video Transformation


Video Transformation ACTION

Transform a video using the Shotstack video transformation service.




Send a file to an AWS S3 bucket

Workflow Templates

  • Build workflows using a no-code editor
  • Easy to use visual app builder
  • Build apps in minutes not months
  • Integrate with 3rd party services
  • Free to use, no credit card required
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