Watermark a Video using an API Webhook

A pre-built, no-code video editing template to kickstart your next media automation workflow.

Automatically apply watermarks to your videos at scale using an API webhook endpoint. Post the URL of a video to the provided endpoint and you will receive back the URL of a file with the watermark applied. This Workflow will create a Studio template which you can adjust to the correct resolution and aspect ratio. Upload and position your logo exactly the way you want it, hit save and your Workflow is ready to run.

API Webhook Trigger


API Webhook Trigger TRIGGER

Send a POST request with an API key to start the workflow

Media Duration


Media Duration ACTION

Get duration for audio and video files

Render Studio Template


Render Studio Template ACTION

Render a video or image from a Studio template

Workflow Templates

  • Build workflows using a no-code editor
  • Easy to use visual app builder
  • Build apps in minutes not months
  • Integrate with 3rd party services
  • Free to use, no credit card required
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