Create a video slideshow using AI generated images

A pre-built, no-code video editing template to kickstart your next media automation workflow.

Automatically generate personalised video slideshows using AI-generated images with this powerful workflow template. Simply input the prompts for the images, along with a title for your slideshow, and let Shotstack work its magic. Shotstack will create visually striking images that perfectly match your narrative, resulting in an engaging and professional-looking video slideshow. Use the Shotstack Studio to further customise the slideshow to align with your brand's style and specific requirements. This template can be seamlessly integrated into any workflow and initiated with a simple API call, making it a convenient and efficient addition to your video creation process.

API Webhook Trigger


API Webhook Trigger TRIGGER

Send a POST request with an API key to start the workflow

Text To Image


Text To Image ACTION

Convert text to speech using the Shotstack text-to-image service.

Render Studio Template


Render Studio Template ACTION

Render a video or image from a Studio template

Workflow Templates

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  • Easy to use visual app builder
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  • Integrate with 3rd party services
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